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Geneo+ 4-in-1 Superfacials

Level Up Your

SKIN Routine

The ultimate facial platform

Introducing GENEO+ to BRIGHTON & HOVE

Our treatments all have one goal: to improve your skin's health and appearance

The Geneo+ is an advanced facial treatment that uses patented TriPolar RADIOFREQUENCY and ULTRASOUND technologies to TIGHTEN, OXYGENATE, EXFOLIATE and INFUSE your skin

The only device offering this unique combination of medically established advanced technologies

  • Award-winning advanced facial treatment.
  • Patented OxyGeneo & TriPolar RF technologies.
  • Ultrasound-assisted product infusion.
  • Clinically-proven, safe and effective at delivering immediate and long lasting results.

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YOUR SKIN.   BETTER.      £145.00


TriPolar RadioFrequency technology reawakens collagen-producing fibroblasts to lift, tighten, volumise and revitalise the skin.


CO2 bubbles penetrate the skin to stimulate the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to the surface layers.


Gently but firmly removes the dull surface layer, leaving an unbeatable glow and smoothness.


Ultrasound technology delivers skin-boosting products to the deeper-down layers, where they can really get to work.