How to Choose Your Aesthetic Skin Practitioner

There are plenty of aesthetic practitioners to choose from, and the range and price of treatments on offer varies between them.  The key is finding out which practitioner is able to offer you what you need, when you need it, and above all is able to offer it safely.

Is my practitioner suitably qualified and experienced to perform the treatments they offer?  Are they able to advise me on alternatives or be honest with me when a treatment is not in my interest?  Will they be there for me if I need follow-up or if my treatment needs adjusting?

These are just some of the questions that a person considering booking in to a skin and appearance clinic might think about.  Aesthetic practitioners will vary in terms of their qualifications and experience, not only with regards the treatments they offer, but also being able to deal with any complications should they arise.

How can you be sure your practitioner is knowledgeable, skilled and above all safe?

Our 'choosing your aesthetic practitioner' checklist will help you to know what questions you should ask of your practitioner, and what answers you should expect, to ensure your get a truly effective, safe and enjoyable skin treatment experience.

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