skin solutions medical grade facials

Thinks all facials are created equal?  Think again!

Our Skin Solutions are medical-grade facials; combining the luxury experience of a facial with advanced skincare backed by science. 

We use pure and potent biologically active SkinCeuticals products.  These products penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin to ensure that they aren't simply washed away with the next cleanse - they keep working for your skin long after you have left our clinic.


City living comes with a host of advantages; fine dining, great shopping and stylish bars!  But unfortunately, with all of that fun comes car exhaust fumes, dust, cigarette smoke, and other pollutants.  All of these factors actively contribute to premature skin ageing by triggering the formation of free radicals which destroy healthy skin cells.

The City Radiance Skin Solution has been specifically designed to fight back against these stressors of the skin.  This hardworking treatment is maximised with pure and potent biologically active ingredients which brighten and hydrate dull and tired skin. It restores radiance and luminosity while preventing future damage.  This Skin Solution features C E Ferulic, SkinCeutical’s star antioxidant!

Firstly, the skin is cleansed, detoxed and polished thoroughly - and we mean thoroughly!  This ensures the skin is free of oils for the next stage which is a Gel Peel treatment.

This leaves the skin ‘open’ and ready to absorb all the goodness to follow.  This includes high potency antioxidants to the face and eye area followed by a Pro Radiance masque bursting with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C.  This is followed by an appropriate correcting moisturiser for your skin and of course SPF to protect all the good work that has been done!

This is a skin rejuvenation treatment at it’s very best and remember the benefits of the Gel Peel component will continue improving for the days following!


At Aesthetic BTN, we believe that men’s skin should be treated according to the different properties it exhibits.  That is why we have created this Expert Men's Skin Solution: a variation of the City Radiance Skin Solution specifically for men

As well as targeting the stressors to the skin from city living, we address the extra sebum production normally seen in men’s skin.  The tougher texture of the skin is then effectively managed with a Gel Peel treatment.

This treatment will thoroughly cleanse, resurface and brighten the skin, with the effects of the Gel Peel bringing continued improvement for the days following treatment.


Certain stress-related lifestyle factors can contribute to skin reactions. These include for example, a stressful event, lack of sleep or alcohol consumption. This usually shows on our skin as acne or inflammation and redness. Wearing a mask is now an additional aggravating factor causing additional dry skin, flaking, tenderness and itching.

We have got the perfect solution! Our Stressed Skin Solution has been created to help repair your skin barrier and prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL) thereby keeping your skin supple, balanced and comfortable. This will also help prevent your skin being exposed to infections, acne causing bacteria, increased exposure to free radicals and premature ageing. 


For skin that is sensitive and prone to redness and irritation.

We are so pleased to be able to treat these skin types with biologically active ingredients that work! The products we use are soothing, moisturising, lessen the reactivity of the skin, reduce redness and cool the skin temperature. Your skin is left feeling balanced with a strengthened barrier to prevent future irritations.

Expert tip: This is a brilliant treatment prior to a session of Microneedling as it improves the reaction of the skin and can help reduce downtime.


For congested skin prone to break-outs.

This skin type needs as much TLC as its drier-skinned friend!  After a powerful exfoliation, we use high quality natural earth clays and botanical extracts that gently exfoliate dead skin cells, help decongest pores and lift away impurities. Added to this are some pure and potent biologically active ingredients to correct blemishes, rebalance oil production and soothe inflammation. This treatment will prevent further damage associated with break-outs.

Expert tip: This Skin Solution is great for acne prone skin at any age.


For dry and tired looking skin that needs a drenching of hydration!

After a powerful exfoliation, we use a high concentration of Hyaluronic acid to infuse your dry skin with moisture. This treatment strengthens the protective barrier of your skin to prevent loss of moisture and irritation. Fine lines and wrinkles are plumped for fresh and radiant looking skin.

Expert tip: This is a fantastic Skin Solution for clients that are using Retinol and other powerful skin treatments that can be drying.


For uneven skin tone with areas of pigmentation.

This treatment balances hyperpigmentation of the skin using pure and potent biologically active ingredients that not only brighten the skin but suppress pigmentation from developing. Radiance and skin glow are improved while the texture of the skin is smoothed and softened.

Expert tip: A great treatment for photodamaged skin with patchy areas of pigmentation.

add on treatments

Expert Lip Therapy £20*

Lips are often a neglected part when it comes to skincare. Lip balm can help improve the look of the lips but does not get down to the root of the problem.  We do!

Our Expert Lip Treatment involves exfoliation with crystals similar in size to those used in Microdermabrasion treatments.

This is followed by application of an antioxidant to counteract the appearance of premature ageing followed by a masque containing Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 to help infuse dehydrated skin with moisture.

Expert tip: Ideal treatment prior to Lip Filler to ensure tip-top condition before showing off your new lips!

*Can be purchased with Expert Eye Therapy for combined price of £35

Expert Eye Therapy £20*

Our eyes are often called the ‘Windows to our Soul’. With such an important title, why are they not pampered very often?  Well we want to change that!

Our Expert Eye Treatment involves an antioxidant treatment followed by a firming and brightening Vitamin C masque taken very close to the eye lid. We add some super hydrating serum to this too. 

After this we will moisturise the area and protect it with a sunscreen specifically for the eye area.

Expert tip: Ideal for those that use wrinkle-relaxing injections around the eye area for an extra boost of rested radiance! 

*Can be purchased with Expert Lip Therapy for combined price of £35

Expert Hand Therapy £30

If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the hands are the giveaway of time passed! Our hardworking hands are crying out from some TLC whether it be dryness and fine lines or pigmentation and age spots.

Well, you guessed it, we have the solution!

Our Expert Hand Treatment rejuvenates through application of a peel. The peel can be left on for much longer than the time we would leave it on the face as the skin is much stronger on our hands. This also means we can use higher strength peels to gain optimum results. A pigment reducing product is used alongside the peel to improve radiance and luminosity.

Expert tip: This one is a no-brainer! Rejuvenate your hands to complement your beautiful face!